IMODiag was founded in 2008, with the aim of offering a service with innovative and entrepreneurial capacity in the construction industry.

The developers have in their curricula a long experience in the branch of civil construction, design, supervision and complaints for legal resolution, thereby ensuring a high technique quality service to its prospective clients.

The diagnosis carried out to housing and the respective reports are made and signed by engineers or architects, registered in the respective order, with more than 10 years of professional experience, giving legal validity to their work.


IMODiag, Lda. was developed in order to offer a service on a wide national house park, in order to respond to the real needs of consumers, who face multiple types of obstacles in the consumption of a product with a high economic value, in particular the needs to obtain knowledge about:

  • Your property and the quality score of the same;
  • The property they wish to acquire and negotiate the right price;
  • Pathologies (anomalies) felt in your new or old property;
  • How to claim your rights about the pathologies (anomalies) on your property under a warranty;
  • The security of your property.

The company is oriented to serve private persons, buildings, condos, condominium or administrations, representatives of companies, construction companies, property development, real estate companies, companies with homeownership (offices, shops, factories, schools, etc.).

In short, the Mission of IMODiag is to clarify their customers through technical reports, objectively and impartially, the problems of housing who want to sell, buy or complain by construction defects or non-compliance with legislation.


The IMODiag aims to be nationally recognized for excellence in the services provided, transmitted by security to their customers and by the spirit of healthy competition with the competition on this market.


The IMODiag governed by values that identify the way of being and acting towards clients and collaborators:

  • Accuracy;
  • Warranty;
  • Credibility.