Inspection and Certification

Supervision and Consultancy to Work

The IMODiag, Lda. account with the services of the preparation, monitoring and supervision of work, thereby contributing to greater control of the work in the performance of works awarded, cost control, reduction and optimization of the overall cost of the work, quality control of the work and control of safety in carrying out the work.

The IMODiag also ensures its customers consulting services proposal and formulation of contracts adapted to the reality of the work so as to ensure and safeguard the interests of the contractor in carrying out the contract, contract management, identification of problems in construction, adaptation of available financial resources to addressing the problems of construction.

The intervention of IMODiag is directed at the various fields of activity so that it can serve and adapt its structure to the project and the size of the same, this depending on the requested or the capabilities of our promissory customers. These customers that embrace from private people, global management of private persons, business/industrial sector, to the public sector.

Energy Certification and Indoor Air of Buildings

The National Energy Certification and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings (SCE) is one of the three pillars upon which the new legislation on the thermal quality of buildings in Portugal.

The certification process involves the action of a qualified expert, which will have to verify regulatory compliance of the building.

The qualified expert may exercise its responsibilities both in the procedures of licensing or authorization to construct and use, as part of periodic audits referred to in RSECE to the property, building or fractional units.


IMODiag in addition to the diagnostic services executes and coordinates all the projects necessary for the construction or legalization of a property.

Our experience in the field of construction allows us to offer project solutions that optimize and guarantee high standards of quality of services provided, reducing costs to the Owner of Work.